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Exhibition and sale. December 07

Exhibition and sale. December 07

Myself and a small group of photographers and artists are holding an exhibition and sale to help raise funds for the recovery of Thursley Common National Nature Reserve in Surrey after a devastating fire during July 2006.

The fire burned for nearly one month devastating around 75% of the Heathland reserve, including a large proportion of the Boardwalk network which gives access to the Boggy areas known as a Mire. The funds raised will help with replacement of this structure, and also fund training of local volunteers as fire wardens.

The event will take place on December 8th from 10.30am untill around 7.30 pm At Thursley Village hall, Thursley, Surrey. If you require further details get in touch through the contact page.

Many thanks to those who came along to support the fund, we raised approximately £600.00

A very pleased client

A very pleased client

From an e-mail before I had a website.

Hello Mr. Giles, Just wanted to let you know that I received the picture today and it's beautiful and in perfect condition! You can now say you are internationally known. I will cherish it forever and hope to purchase another of your wonderful pictures soon. Can you send me a "sort-of" discription of the ones you had at the fair? Some artists have thumbnail-like black and white pictures on postcards. It might be something you could look into one day. I hope to see you succeed in the art world. I can now say I have an original 'James Giles'. Thanks one so talented. Keep on snapping.

A. Szulczynski. Chicago U.S.A

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