My name is James Giles and welcome to my website.

The images you will see in my galleries represent my deep fascination and respect for the natural world, and the great diversity of plants and animals that live within it. The infinite variety of eco-systems and landscapes, which together give home and sustenance to that diversity of life including of course, ourselves.

To me as a photographer, one very special aspect of the natural world are the seasons. To work in, and to photograph the world around you under going constant changes, adapting to, and utilising those seasons bringing an ever-changing palette of colour, form and mood is a privilege.

They also bring, arguably, the most important tool to the photographer, the changing light. The change of season, the time of day, the weather or geographical location all affect the quality of the light and subsequently the final image.

It is this very essence that I strive to represent in my photography. It is to those ends I try to faithfully record what I see. The use of filters is kept to a minimum, only to allow the film to see as we do, or to subtly enhance what is already there.

I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries.


Please feel free to contact me, to give your comments, or for any queries, commissions etc. Details can be found on the contact page.

The equipment I use for my photography consists of 2 formats currently. A Bronica ETRSi for my medium format work, mostly landscapes and some plant close-ups. Also a Nikon F80 for my 35mm work mainly insect and macro shots, although increasingly less used in favour of medium format.

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